Watering System Tank 25

Watering System Tank 25

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Easy-to-use, environmentally friendly watering system manufactured from recycled material in the UK. Fit for use in interior and exterior spaces; plant pots, window boxes, planters, hanging baskets and flower beds. 

Natural way to achieve and maintain effective irrigation, by using capillary action process in watering plants all the way down to its roots. Watering system should be installed at the bottom of planter. It acts as a reservoir designed to allow plants only take as much water as required. Refill up to six weeks during use, in optimum weather conditions. 


  • Holds 25L of water 
  • Suitable for pots, window boxes & planters 
  • Adaptable for interior and exterior landscaping 
  • Sustainable through all seasons 
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 42cm x 21cm
  • Filler Pipe: 59cm