Garden Advice and Maintenance

Living Windows knows that sometimes you need an extra helping hand in your garden...


We want everyone to enjoy the green space they have, whether it’s a small balcony or a garden, and sometimes a little help is needed to get those green spaces looking their best. Who wants to look out the window and see weeds and dead flower heads?! 

This is why we offer a range of professional garden maintenance services to help you maintain your outdoor space or garden, keeping it in tip top condition all year round. 

Our garden advice service is perfect for you if you want to learn more about how to care for your plants, or to find out once and for all why your Perennials seem to die after a few weeks of you planting them. We offer advice for any size of outdoor space, from window boxes to gardens, and can help you to work out what isn’t working for you and advise how to move forward. 

Our London based garden maintenance service takes this a step further; one of our experienced and skilled Garden Consultants will visit your home and survey your site. We’ll then decide with you the best course of action to have your outdoor space looking beautiful in no time – and keep it that way. Services include weekly, fortnightly or monthly garden maintenance. 

Living Windows offer a free consultation for garden advice and garden maintenance with a qualified professional horticulturalist. Prices from £25.00 per hour for labour.

What's Included?


One of our experienced and skilled garden consultants will visit the site or review the works via email or over the phone with photos.

    BOOKING FEE - FROM £90.00

    This fee is charged to confirm an appointment. Depending on difficulty of works, the booking fee can range from £90 - £180.

    The Booking Fee will cover the cost of the first 3 hours of work.

      LABOUR - FROM £30.00 PER HOUR

      Labour charged from an hourly rate of £30 p/h (depending on difficulty and number of team members on site). This is determined prior to the Booking Fee being paid.

      Please fill out the contact form and upload your images below for more information.