Residential Planting Memberships

With our Window Box Planting Membership, you’ll receive:

  • Beautiful plants supplied for any number of boxes or planters and planted up on site by our expert team
  • Updated planting on site every season as well as maintenance and pruning

Living Windows Planting Memberships deliver everything you need four times a year to make your home look beautiful and refreshed for every season! Our boxes are designed for minimal maintenance, so you just need to water your plants when needed.

Our pricing varies depending on the size of your box and how many plants you need. Here's an example of our pricing

 Box Size







50cm box

1 shrub

4 trailing plants 

4 seasonal plants




75cm box

2 shrubs

6 trailing plants 

5 seasonal plants




100cm box

2 shrubs

8 trailing plants 

8 seasonal plants




120cm box

3 shrubs

8 trailing plants 

10 seasonal plants




    Starting your Window Box Planting Membership is easy:

      1. Let us know your window box size and the total number of window boxes
      2. We'll get back to you with a quote and an overview of our planting styles

    Please click here to check our Instagram for window box inspiration.

    The small print…

    When purchasing a Living Windows Planting Membership you will receive you will receive a mixture of seasonal and evergreen plants. Following that planting we will then replace your seasonal plants every 3 months. 

    We recommend and offer SwellGel for all our memberships, this is a treatment that allows your soil to retain additional water and help your plants. This is charged at £5 per box.

    The date that you pay for your new Planting Membership might not determine the date of your first seasonal planting – that will depend on what seasonal plants are available at the point in the season! During each season your plants can be delivered and set up for you any time, and we’ll always give you two weeks’ notice of when you’re due some shiny new plants. 

    If your window boxes require stairs to access then you may subject to a small fee. This will be quoted up front.

    Pricing for any plant replaced outside your scheduled plant replacements is decided on a case-by-case basis. Typical prices are listed below

    • Shrub - £10
    • Perennial - £10
    • Trailing Plant - £5

    We offer Living Windows Planting Memberships to most London addresses, if you would like to check your address, feel free to reach out on the form below.