What's The Difference Between A Nursery And A Garden Centre?

What's The Difference Between A Nursery And A Garden Centre? 

The summer is a great time to spend more time outside, perfecting your garden. Many people spend a little more time and money in the summer to keep their outdoor spaces looking fresh! But where should you go for your supplies? Today, we’re answering a popular question – what’s the difference between a nursery and a garden centre?  


Nurseries tend to be larger than garden centres and focus on supplying plants for the specialist market. . Nurseries mostly sell their stocks to garden centres but may also sell products directly to the professionals via mail order or online sales. There are a variety of different nurseries, catering for different demands, the most popular of which include forest nurseries, vegetable nurseries, fruit nurseries and plant nurseries. Nurseries are typically far out of town as they need a lot of space to grow their stock 

Garden Centres  

Garden centres are very much focused on the general public, so their stocks will contain an enormous range of plants, suitable for a range of different gardens. Alongside plants, they will sell gardening tools  and material as well. Garden centres, like our own, are typically near or in urban areas and located conveniently rather than far from peoples’ homes.Garden centres serve the needs of local communities, passing on knowledge about how to care for plants and how to use them in landscaping.  

Which do you need? 

From plants and advice to gardening tools and gifts, the average gardener can find all that they need for their garden at their local garden centre! A good garden centre will have a range of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. You should be able to find good quality plants for each season and for all year round. Unless you are setting up a shop yourself or trying to find a very specific or rare plant, it is probably unnecessary to visit a nursery. 

 Final Thoughts 

Garden centres and nurseries have a number of things in common, in fact, they have a very close working relationship! But the average gardener will find all that they need at a garden centre as opposed to a nursery. At Living Windows, we have decades of experience browsing both garden centres and nurseries, advising customers on the right plants for them and creating living window boxes and gardens. That’s why we’re confident that our garden centre, both our online shop and our in person store to open in East London, will be all that you need!  

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