What To Do In Your Garden This Autumn


Autumn is a time for self-reflection while sipping a cup of hot tea as you relax in your garden. As summer fades away, there are often bursts of rain and slightly chilly breeze as hues of yellow, brown, and red begin to take over the entire landscape. Because winter is fast approaching, now is the right time to prepare your garden for the colder months ahead.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some things that you should in your garden this autumn:

Regular Weeding: a combination of sunlight and wet soil in the autumn may accelerate the growth of weeds. Your plants shouldn’t compete for nutrients, which can cause stunted growth. If you have flowers and other decorative plants, weeds can ruin the visual appeal of your garden. Flourishing weeds provide shelters for slugs, snails, and unwanted insects all which are pests to your plants. Weeds can be allelopathic or create a zone of infertile soil because they quickly absorb nutrients and water. Lamb’s quarter, pigweed, and thistle are some commonly known allelopathic weeds and they should be removed from your garden.

Plant New Plants: autumn is an ideal time to start planting certain perennials, shrubs, and trees because the soil is still warm and more humid. There’s still ample sunlight during the day, but not as scorching as in summer. This gives new plants an opportunity to grow and thrive. It is also a good time to start planting turf glass, spring bulbs, pansies, and violas.

Maintain the Garden: you can better winterise the garden if you clean it up. Remove unneeded items from the greenhouse and remove any plant debris. If your greenhouse is unusually wet, ventilate it well when it’s still sunny. You won’t have much chance to remove excess humidity during winter. Prune your trees and cut up branches that may damage your roof during winter. Make sure garden borders are tidy and clean as well.

Protect Plants: tender plants can be particularly vulnerable during winter. Make sure fuchsias and other tender perennials are protected before winter arrives. Leafy growth may go mouldy in cold weather, so you need to remove it. Dig up and pot up your vulnerable plants and put them inside the greenhouse.


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