Our Top Picks For Your Spring Window Box

The first two months of the year often feel like the longest, which is why we think that this is the perfect time to plant some bulbs in anticipation of the good times that come with more sunshine and longer days. If you’re looking for spring window box ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are our top three picks for flowers perfect for your window box, that if you plant now will look beautiful in time for Spring.

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Dwarf Narcissus

Dwarf Narcissus

We like to include these lovely little Dwarf Narcissus in our window boxes. They act as a great little filler while adding a cheerful splash of colour, with the added bonus of providing nectar for the bees and a shelter for other small insects. Include them in your planting with some luscious greens, so that you can not only do your bit to support your local ecosystem but have something pretty to look at for the last of these grey days too.  

Crocus Siberia 'Violet Queen'

One of the earliest flowering Crocus’, these purple bulbs flower well in wintery conditions and contrast beautifully against the yellow of the daffodils. As they are low growing strong winds don't affect them, making them ideal for unpredictable British weather in the earlier months of the year! They need similar conditions to the daffodils; well-drained soil and sunshine which can be in short supply at this time of the year, but in your window boxes they’ll add a ray of hope for the coming months.

Iris Ungularis

Iris Ungularis

These beautiful late winter flowering perennials add height to your window box, giving a different dimension and added interest. Think of organising your window box in the same way you would a bouquet of flowers – different heights, textures, and contrasting colours will make for a beautiful addition to your windowsill! As a perennial it will flower and grow for many years so can be a good choice for gardens too. As with any growing flower keep removing dead blooms and this little beauty will keep pumping out fragrant flowers for the whole season.

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Author: Parveen Torrans

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