Orange in the Garden this Autumn

One of the fun things of seasonal gardening is trying to make the most of the best each season has to offer and one of the most popular colours people want to see in autumn is, of course, orange!  

The following article applauds the colour orange and busts the myth it is a colour that is hard to work with.   


Orange is a bright and happy colour, making it eye-catching and a great way to ensure great impact with your gardening. If your shrubbery is evergreen and therefore not going to change with the season, and you’re missing a pop of something bold, orange is a key colour to incorporate in the flower beds or edges, ensuring a vibrant and cheerful garden.  

Serves as a Colour Bridge 

The versatility of the said colour is proved by how well it blends with almost any tone. Orange combined with yellows and limes to give off a single accent colour, keeping it afloat on a sea of greens. It also works with cooler hues of blue, resulting in a bold statement. 

Lend Scales your Space 

Splashing a mix of colours instead of a single colour palette reinforces a sense of continuity. If your garden is wider or deeper, using smaller masses of colours would be better than using one large pool of colour. 

Helps Transition Easily 

Orange in the deciduous autumn scenery provides a certain visual freshness. It also helps the smooth transition from summer to autumn, making your garden look more welcoming.  

Orange Plant Recommendations 

There are several orange plants that thrive in the autumn time in the UK, so be on the look out for these wonderful options! Zinneas are close relatives to the sunflower, bright and tender perennials. They may need shelter close to a tree to survive the winter but do look stunning during autumn. Chrysantheums flower right through October with careful pruning and dead heading. Fluffy and bright and hardy, these are great options for all gardens this autumn. Dahlias, being larger and packed with layers of petals, bring the bold drama to any garden. If you’re careful, they can bloom all year! 

Final Thought 

One last thing to remember, is when we talk about orange, it do not necessarily mean bright orange. Orange can fall in a variety of tones ranging from burnt orange to peachy orange. You just have to pick which works for you the best. 

Living Windows 

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