I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas! Preparing for the Festive Holidays


As you prepare for the festive season, are you thinking of a green Christmas? Is a green Christmas really possible in this weather? The answer is yes! With the right selection of indoor and outdoor plants, a green Christmas is definitely possible. We give you tips to turn your home green in this festive season.

Making Your Home Green for Christmas

 1) Outdoor Plants for Winter

There are a number of outdoor plants that are perfectly suited for winter. These plants will remain green and thrive even in the cold weather. They will make your home look green as they welcome guests. Some of the outdoor plants you could consider for bringing a splash of colour to your winter garden are Harry Hotspur, Winter-Flowering Heather, Sow Breas, Firebird and, of course, the Christmas Rose!

2) Indoor Plants for Winter

Indoor plants not only make your home look better, but they also help clear indoor pollution and improve air quality. During the winter months when it is more frequently dark, there is no doubt that indoor plants elevate your mood. Choose the best plants that can thrive in winter. Poinsettia is the most popular indoor plant to keep during this time. Some other easy indoor plants you can consider buying are Snake plant, Pothos, Haworthia, Jade Plant, and Cactus.

3) Making the Christmas Tree Look and Live Longer

You will, of course, be getting a Christmas tree, and nothing beats the real deal! Celebrate the festive season without worry when you take all the necessary steps to keep your tree looking green and healthy throughout the month of December. Nothing dampens the Christmas spirit like a dry and dying tree! Here are some useful tips to help you make your Christmas tree look better:

  • The first thing to do is to get a good quality tree. Look for trees that have soft and flexible needles with a deep green colour.
  • Don’t go too far for your tree. Get the tree home as fast as possible so you get it in water at the earliest. This ensures it will remain green and not dry out.
  • Keep at least a gallon of water as this is the amount it can absorb in 24 hours. Replenish the water source regularly.
  • Heat can dehydrate the tree so don’t keep the tree near a radiator or fireplace if possible.
  • Use LED lights to avoid heating the tree.

4) Plants You Need for the Festive Season

There are some plants that would come in very handy during the festive seasons. You need to have these plants at home well in time for Christmas. Look for foliage that you use to make festive wreaths. Sage, Rosemary, Holly, Pine Box, and Spruce are plants very much on trend for the festive season. If you want these plants to last longer also, try out a glycerine bath or consider air-drying them.

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