Essential Tips for Gardening this December

December tops the list when it comes to receiving minimal sunlight and short days. Since it is categorised as a naturally bare month with dominating cold, many people place tending to their gardens at the end of the list, not to forget Christmas is also around the corner by December.  

But if you are super committed to maintaining the greens in your outer space, consider including the following steps in your gardening essentials list so that the winter does not get to your herbs.  

Beat the freeze 

What tops this list is to protect the tender herbs from the December cold. Hold back the fertilizer and reduce the amount of water in the garden. Both of these measures are known to protect the plants against the cold and discourage any new growth of plants, which could make them especially susceptible to frost damage. 



 Check your buildings 

During this quiet period, it’s a good idea to check any garden buildings or structures are in good shape These structures may include gazebos, fences, greenhouses ad etc. You would not want them collapsing mid-winter, disturbing your comfort.  

 Living Windows is a community that lends a hend to people needing help with gardening. Established in 2018, they strive to make gardening easier and more accessible for everyone. Be it a 2 acre garden or a window sill plant, they offer all garden essentials and are flexible when it comes to tailoring their services to one’s needs.  

Harvest your Veggies 

It is suggested to harvest any winter vegetable that you may have planted earlier this year. These include cabbage, parsnips, leeks or of course the Christmas favourite- the brussel sprout! 

Keep an Eye Out For Chilly Pests 

Extreme winters call for extreme precautions, whether indoors or outdoors. Keep an eye out for mice and rodents, since lack of natural food and warmth drives them towards homes. You want to have any  them from scouring around your home or in your growing herbs never hesitate to contact a pest control.  

Trim Back Any Dormant Trees  

Trim any tree or shrubbery that have become overgrown during the summer months.  

Unsure of what to do with the prunings? Tidy them up and convert any garden prunings into seasonal decoration or a wreath.  


The winter gardening essentials list does not end here. You can add in or eliminate any step that does not suit your garden. Incorporating these small steps are a great way to ensure your garden stays fresh and alive all year round! 




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