A Gardener's Toolkit - What You Need!

Growing flowers, vegetables and herbs can be a tedious and monotonous task and more so when you do not have the proper tools. Gardening is all about accurate technique and execution. The right tools will help you tremendously while planting. Not sure which ones to get. 

Do not worry because here's a list of must-have tools in your gardener's toolkit:

1. Apron
When working with plants, soiled and damp clothing is inevitable. Aprons make the process a lot less messy and free of frustration. Nobody likes their clothes to get soil stains that require vigorous rubbing to get out. Save yourself from all that trouble and make sure you include an apron in your toolkit.

2. Shears
While trimming smaller plants, you require smaller yet efficient tools to get the job done. Shears are functional for trimming small branches of trees and cutting off stems. This tool will come in handier for people with tremendous attention to detail.

3. Saw
Shrubs and trees need maintenance from time to time. To have a picture-perfect garden, these need trimming regularly. A saw has a sharp blade that will make the job effortlessly easy. If you have large trees and shrubs on your property, you should consider including a saw in your toolkit.

4. Secateurs
Pruning is a beneficial practice for healthy plants. It is crucial to look after them to the best of your abilities, no matter what type of plant you are working with. Secateurs are a type of cutting tool used for pruning in gardening. A good gardener always makes sure that their garden is well maintained.

5. Gardening Gloves
Gardening is not a clean job and there can be a lot of soil. Garden gloves are a great way to keep your hands clean and dry during planting. They also help prevent cuts and calluses when working with edged stems and thorns. Herbicides and pesticides are practical in gardening and competent gardening gloves will also protect you from these harmful chemicals on direct skin contact.

6. Trowel
Trowels are functional to dig small holes to plant bulbs, annuals etc. These also come in use to shift seedlings. It has a pointed tip that can help to extract unwanted weeds. Due to structure, it can be helpful in several ways. A trowel is a versatile tool and should be included in a gardener's toolkit.

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