Dwarf Tree Fern - Blechnum gibbum

Dwarf Tree Fern - Blechnum gibbum

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We love pot plants at Living Windows, especially plants like the the Dwarf Tree Fern aka Blechnum Gibbum.

The Dwarf tree fern, Blechnum gibbum, is a tender, evergreen fern which eventually forms a trunk, like a tree fern. Slow-growing, its shuttlecock-like fronds form a crown, giving the fern an exotic look. It’s ideal for growing in a container in a partially shaded conservatory or greenhouse.



  • Sold: Singularly.
  • Plant care‎: ‎Needs regular watering in pots
  • Soil type‎: ‎Acidic / clay / heavy / moist
  • Plant Type‎: ‎Houseplant, Evergreen
  • Botanical name‎: ‎Blechnum gibbum
  • Approximate Size: 100cm