PH / Moisture /  Light Meter

PH / Moisture / Light Meter

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An easy to use moisture meter at home for  houseplants, the garden, or the allotment.

Gives accurate and instant soil moisture readings for extra confidence when watering your plants with the high-quality sensing probe that is a single probe for less damage to roots.

No more overwatering or dry plants – simply check the meter and water when needed.

Ideal for houseplants, no batteries are required and lightweight and portable for carrying around.

Do not use it for testing water or other liquids as this is only designed to test soil, but not very hard soil as this could break the probe.

Do not use it to test very dry soil as readings will not be reliable.

To avoid corrosion, do not leave the soil probe for more than an hour.

For more accurate readings, wipe the tip of the probe with a cloth or paper before each use.

Moisture range:- 1-3 Dry; 4-7 Moist; 8-10 Wet

Most plants should be watered when the moisture level is below 5.

Some plants (Cacti) require drier conditions whereas a few others (ferns) require moist conditions.

We suggest you water if the level is below the recommended value:-

3 - African violet, cacti, succulents, and crassulas.

4-5 - Amaryllis, Aralia, Buxus, Coleus, Croton, Dieffenbachia, Ficus, Bromeliads, Kalanchoe, Ferns, Peperomias, Spider plant, Hibiscus, Swiss cheese plant, and Rubber plant.

6 - Aglaonema, Begonias, Croton, Fittonia, Ivy, Pilea, Schefflera, Bay tree, Camellia and Impatiens.

7 - Anthurium, Azalea, Hyacinth and Jasmine.

8 - Carnivorous plants and Umbrella plant.

9-10 - No watering is needed.