Dianthus - Set of 12

Dianthus - Set of 12

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We love pot plants at Living Windows, especially plants like the Dianthus.

The Dianthus plants, also known as carnations, pinks and sweet Williams, will add a refreshing range of fragrance and colour to all your garden displays.

The Dianthus plants may be found as a hardy annual, biennial or perennial and most often used in borders, potted displays or even window boxes. They start small but usually grow to between 6 and 18 inches tall.

Care instructions on how to care for Dianthus are straightforward. We suggest watering them when dry and to apply fertiliser every six to eight weeks.


  • Sold: In a tray of 12 plants
  • Plant care‎: Water the plants when dry and apply fertiliser every six to eight weeks.
  • Soil type‎: Rich, well-draining soil
  • Plant Type‎: Perennial flower
  • Botanical name‎: Dianthus
  • Approximate Size: 6 - 8 inches