Managing Director

Job Type: Team Management, Delegation, Supervising

Time FrameFull-Time

Salary: ~£33,000 per annum

Job Description:

Oversees the daily workings of business operations. Plans, manages, and implements business activities to ensure deadlines are met, and maintains a high quality standard of business delivery.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Manages the growth and success of the team and external consultants
  • Coordinates activities that affect operational decisions and business requirementsManages the growth and success of the team and external consultants
  • Responsible for the production, procurement, and planning of daily operationsImplementing and managing budgets
  • Communicates with all relevant employees/consultants to ensure delivery times are met
  • Liaises with Executive Director
  • Plans, schedules, and reviews workload and manpower to make sure targets are met on a cost-effective basis
  • Manages the stock control, and checks that inventory records are accurate
  • Monitors production standards
  • Provides guidance to employee
  • Manages and implements Health and Safety policy and procedures
  • Work with the team to develop effective marketing and communication activities

Skills & Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate the necessary managing skills in one or several fields of work: Retail and Sales, Horticulture, Gardening/Landscaping, Start-ups

    • Good organisational and technical skills relevant to the role with the ability to problem-solve, pay attention to detail, deliver work to a high standard and within tight deadlines
    • At least 2-year’s relevant work experience in an administrative/office work environment
    • Excellent communication skills with knowledge of team leadership and managing.



Marketing + Social Media Strategist

Job Type: Marketing, Social Media Management, Branding

Time Frame: Part-Time/Freelance

Salary: £14/hr

Job Description:

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Accurately maintain marketing information
  • Collect and process all advertisement copy adhering to the company deadlines
  • Increase advertisement sales to existing and new customers, offering the complete product portfolio on all relevant social media platforms
  • Monitor, manage and report on sales performance, with updates on performance against agreed sales targets
  • Develop and implement the company’s overall social media strategies and tactics
  • Engage online and social media audiences on a daily basis and help maintain relationships with key influencers
  • Assist with influential efforts around social media, working with partners across organisational and business lines
  • Monitor and track all social media initiatives and provide reports

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Adequate knowledge of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc.
  • Proven ability to use insights and data to build evidence-based sales and commercial approaches, and translate those into sales tactics and plans, along with excellent data analysis skills
  • Experience in sales and commercial forecasting, monitoring and reporting on sales targets

Please submit all enquires via email to: jv@livingwindows.co.uk


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