Plants We Love This Valentine…

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have love in the air but warmer weather on the way too! The guarantee spring brings is a gardener’s need to feel their passion rejuvenated, so we want to celebrate our love of plants this Valentine’s Day by sharing with you the plants we adore and admire this time of the year!

Roses are Red, Pink and White

We’re starting with the classic rose, Rosa, because it’s a great plant for gardeners of all skill levels. It’s hardy, it can handle all weather types and it blooms all through spring and summer. If you keep the soil quality good and cut it back as needed in the autumn/winter, it’s a flowering plant bound to flourish.  

Bleeding Hearts

This beautiful plant, Lamprocapnos, gets its name, thanks to its unique shape – a heart with droops underneath its shape. It grows best in well-drained soil, so it works best of all in gardens that have direct sunlight or partial shade.


The current gardening trends are leaning closer toward wildflowers than ever before, so we wanted to include a more understated plant in this collection that provides an effortless pop of beauty. Yarrow plants, Achillea millefolium, have lots of heads on one stem to deliver a vibrant colour including red and they attract butterflies and other pollen-spreaders so they’re great for adding a pop of life.

False Goat’s Beard

Add a touch of texture to the garden with false goat’s beard, also known as astilbe. It’s featherlike look and beautiful pink colour is just right for spring and romantic as ever! 


Clematis, clematis occidentalis, is a soft looking flower, often likened to confetti. It’s a fast-growing versatile plant that can be grown in pots and planters, across fences or walls so it’s a great option for those looking for privacy in their garden.

Beautiful Plants all Year Round

At Living Windows, we don’t want you waiting for Spring/Summer to see cheerful pops of colour in window boxes and garden planters. We want people to enjoy flourishing plants all year round and that’s why we created our Planting Memberships!

Every three months, we visit our Annual Planting Membership clients both residential and commercial spaces, and we give their planters and window boxes a refresh with new plants and seasonal flowers.

Quarterly Memberships mean you can book a refresh whenever you are ready and leave the rest up to us!

Our Planting Membership subscription gets you saving 5% on Annual Planting Memberships and 3% on Quarterly Planting Memberships. With subscription, you never have to worry about booking a planting refresh again!  

Every three months, we will visit your home or workplace to ensure all planters are looking their best and packed with vibrant and fragrant flowers.

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