Father's Day Gift Ideas For A Green-Fingered Dad

With Father's Day fast approaching, people everywhere are busy searching for the perfect gift to get dear old dad. Fortunately, dad is an easy one to shop for as most dads have a wide range of interests and their hobbies typically offer an extensive list of tools, accessories, and other odds and ends making shopping that much easier.

This is especially true when it comes to those green-fingered dads out there. You know the ones. They like to garden, they are experts in their own right when it comes to all things green, and they can grow just about any plant anywhere you like with great success.

And, with the lockdown crating a need for new hobbies, we know there are lots of new gardening dads out there, who have quite taken to pottering about their grounds!

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some great Father's Day gift ideas for a green-fingered dad:

Esschert Design - Green Garden Trowel - make gardening easier with our durable Esschert Design Green Garden Trowel. Large enough to make planting a breeze, yet compact enough to store in your gardening shed.

Niwaki Moku Pruning Saw 240mm - a pruning saw is one of the most used tools in the garden and you want one that will stay sharp and last a long time. The Niwaki Moku Pruning Saw 240mm makes the perfect Father's Day gift for any dad who likes to garden or just keep his outdoor area looking tidy.

Niwaki Forged Snips - our durable Niwaki Forged Snips are perfect for most medium to heavy duty gardening needs. They make trimming everything from thick branches to delicate flowers more accurate and less time consuming.

Niwaki Apron - when you want a heavy duty, hard wearing apron that is comfortable and functional, the Niwaki Apron fits the bill. It features soft, durable material, lined pockets, and an easy to clean outer shell.

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