Earth Day -Things Londoners Can Do To Make A Difference

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is 22 April and people all over the world will be celebrating by doing something special for our planet. From coordinating recycling drives, to practicing sustainable farming methods, just about anyone can do their part to help keep the Earth healthy and clean.

Even city dwellers have an opportunity to do something good for our planet this Earth Day, from planting a garden, to bicycling to work. And, with that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of those things now:

Things Londoners Can Do To Make A Difference This Earth Day

Plant Something - while planting trees is a great way to support a healthy environment, that is a bit more difficult to do in the city. However, you can plant a garden and include a wide range of fruits, veggies, shrubs, and wildflowers. Not only will the veggies provide an excellent source of sustainable produce, but the flowers can serve a dual role of looking beautiful and attracting bees. The bees will help pollinate your garden and keep plants growing for many seasons to come. If you don’t have the room to plant a garden or wildflowers, consider getting a window box and planting your flowers in it.

Ride Your Bike - whether you are going to work, or to the local grocer, if the distance isn’t far, why not ride your bicycle instead of driving? Our cars produce emissions which are harmful to the Earth, but bicycles are emissions free, and they can help us get in shape and improve our mood.

Let Your Voice Be Heard - look for ways to make your voice heard on local environmental issues and use your resources to help out great environmental causes. This is especially helpful for those unable to plant a garden or get their produce from a local farmer’s market.

Buy Reusable Bags - those plastic grocery bags your local supermarket bags your groceries in can really add up. In fact, we use almost 100 million plastic bags a year, and the production alone for those requires about 4 million barrels of oil. Then, they typically end up in landfills. By using reusable grocery bags, we can cut this number down considerably.

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