Our Mission

Who and where are we?

Living Windows is a marketplace for you to find quality but affordable window boxes, planters, garden design and gardening services off the peg or tailored to your own design and needs.

We can teach you how to nurture or plant yourself or have the Living Windows in-house service do it for you. No home is to small — whether you live in an apartment or house.

We are based in Hackney, East London and see ourselves as n urban project that believes nurturing plants provides both physical and emotional well-being benefits and we want to see as many people experience this as possible. Living Windows also want to create an eco-friendlier environment by making gardening from home easier and more accessible. So we recycle, reuse and try to ensure that we are as eco-friendly as possible. If we deliver or visit you, you’ll see us using our electric van!

We work in partnership with Hackney City Farm.

As part of our charitable giving, we work closely with Hackney City Farm, donating our used plants and products. The farm recycles these, which brings new joy and experiences to the users and visitors of the farm and supports their sustainability.

Living Windows sees Hackney City Farm as a natural partner, as they allow for a diverse range of visitors to experience farming in the heart of London. Hackney City Farm offers children and adults the opportunity to get up close to a full range of farmyard animals and see, smell and plant vegetables, plants and other flowers. Offering people the chance to learn new skills to live healthier, happier lives and lower their environmental impact.


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