Our Mission

Living Windows provides a marketplace for customers to find accessible window boxes and planters, off the peg or tailored to their own design. We allow customers to learn how to plant themselves or have our in-house service do it for them, every home — whether it be a tall apartment building or converted house.

Living Windows is a local urban project that believes nurturing plants provides physical and emotional health benefits, and we want to see as many people experience these benefits as possible. To add to this, our global mindset sets intentions to create an eco-friendlier city environment by making gardening from home easier and more accessible.

As part of our charitable giving, we work closely with Hackney City Farm, donating our used plants and products. The farm recycles these, which brings new joy and experiences to the visitors of the farm and supports their sustainability.

Living Windows sees Hackney City Farm as a natural partner, as they allow for a diverse range of visitors to experience farming in the heart of London. Hackney City Farm offers children and adults the opportunity to get up close to a full range of farmyard animals and see, smell and plant vegetables, plants and other flowers. The Hackney City Farm offers people the chance to learn new skills to live healthier, happier lives and lower their environmental impact.



Founder & Executive Director

Jenner “Venus” started his gardening experience in San Francisco in 2011. His inspiration came from learning how to grow his own vegetables at home from his grandmother. By 2015, Venus became an intern for a garden landscaper and started his journey in garden design and horticulture. Since, Venus has been inspired to creating more green spaces for city dwellers and coming up with innovative ways to make gardening at home more accessible. Venus moved to London in 2016, and went on to graduate with a diploma in Garden Design from The English Garden School in Chelsea and continues to volunteer at local city farms around London. Living Windows was an ambitious idea that Venus turned into a fully grown project by the end of 2018.


The Office & Operations Manager

D is a bit of a jack of all trades.

At Living Windows D looks after any and all things regarding general business ad hoc.

D’s tasks include customer support, purchasing, notes and minutes, finance, IT and infrastructure. Generally, D is the first point of contact and the friendly face and voice at Living Windows. If you call us, or you pop into our office, he will be the person that picks up the phone or welcomes you.

In his spare time he is a foodie; he likes architecture, design, being outdoors, going to the gym.


The Creative Director

Amelia grew up in South-East London. She has a degree in French and Italian from the University of Bristol, and a diploma in Garden Design from the English Gardening School in Chelsea.

Amelia’s intrigue and enthusiasm for plants and passion for design is at the core of her work as Creative Director of Living Windows. She ensures the cohesiveness of the Living Windows brand throughout all of the company’s platforms.